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Virtual reality (VR) glasses: put them on to explore a virtual, realistic environment. This environment is part of a training game in which you will be faced with different work situations related to safety. We invite you to play this VR safety training game, which lasts about five minutes.

Note: People with epilepsy are advised not to wear VR glasses.

Download and instructions

You recently received an e-mail with a link to the app where you can download the training game. The app was developed by Warp VR. If you did not receive an e-mail, then also check your junk mail and use your personal login. Don't have the mail anymore? Then download the app and choose the option "forgot password". Then you can still log in afterwards.

Below you can read how you can download the training and how you can play it.
If you do not own a smartphone, contact your manager. 

1) Download the "Warp VR" app on your phone via the Apple AppStore or the Google PlayStore.

2) Once the app has downloaded, tap 'sign in'. You can now play the game on your phone.

3) If you are playing on a different phone or device, open the Warp VR app and enter the temporary password that you can find in the email which we sent to you. This email has the subject "CSU VR Veiligheidstraining beschikbaar voor jou". If you cannot find it, then also check your spam folder. Make sure to change this password after you log in.

4) Download the scenario in your preferred language.

If you do not have your VR glasses (anymore), you can also play the training in 2D mode. To do this, go to the settings option and choose 2D instead of VR.

5) Tap the green button 'start scenario' and turn your phone so you can insert it into the VR glasses. Select VR mode.
Note: turn on your sound and remove the stickers from the glass. For the best image, open the glasses all the way.

6) You can now start the VR game. A few things to keep in mind:

  • You're playing the part of a new employee who is being trained by a colleague.
  • You are in an office environment, but these are situations you would encounter with all clients and in all sectors.
  • Take a good look around you: this is the best part about VR! You can fully immerse yourself in the environment and look all around, even behind you.
  • If you encounter a choice or an action, point the dot at the choice/action. It will start to load and you can make your decision.
  • If you encounter a question with a choice or an action as one of the possible answers, point the dot at the choice/action. The white circle will start to load, which is how you make your decision.
  • If you made the wrong decision, don't worry! You'll get an explanation as to why this was the wrong answer and then you can try again.
  • At the end of the game you'll see your score and your feedback. You can play as many times as you like.
  • You can stop the game at any time. You can play the game again, although you'll have to start from the beginning.
  • This training game takes up quite a bit of space on your phone. Feel free to delete it and download it again later.


Take a look at the frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, contact your manager.
We wish you a lot of fun and success with the training and hope you’ll learn a lot from it.

Want to do more with your VR glasses? There are lots of fun, free VR apps available in the app store!