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The best ideas come from the best cleaners!

A good idea arises from being smarter together. That’s why we invited you to actively participate in our thinking process. Because you feel and experience how we can make the world of you, your colleagues, or our customers a bit better. Your eyes, thinking power, and experience help us make a difference.

Until October 6, it was possible to submit your idea for our innovation competition. Below you’ll find the top 8 of these ideas. Ideas that make your and your colleagues’ cleaning work more enjoyable, fun, easier, more sustainable, and/or better.

The winner has won € 1,000 on January 9. We’re exploring with suppliers how to implement the winning and final idea(s) so that you and your colleagues can use it. Voting was possible until December 17. Below we show you the finalists and the winner:

Winner: Telescopic baseboard brush – Fatima Chelouh

Finalist: Education for schools – Zeljka Grgic

Finalist: Sustainable cleaning company training – Ahmet Yildiz

All the ideas:

Beste idee_geautomatiseerde toiletborstel

Automated toilet brush

Brushes can be automated, improving the speed and quality of cleaning.

Beste idee_Extra schoonmaakwerkzaamheden actie

Extra cleaning services promotion

When you have some extra time, clean something extra. Take a before-and-after photo of this additional work. A suitable prize can be created for the top 3 (it doesn’t always have to involve money). This motivates to clean well.

Beste idee_Educatie voor scholen

Education for schools

A course on hygiene and household behavior for schools. Explaining, for example, why it’s important not to throw chewing gum on the ground, why it’s not pleasant to take something and not put it back in its place (like a chair), and why it’s essential to clean the toilet properly.

Beste idee_Telescopische plintenborstel

Telescopic baseboard brush

A telescopic baseboard brush ensures that you can do your work effectively without putting a strain on your back.

Beste idee_Plekbord

Sticky board

Students don’t walk to the trash bin, but hopefully, they’ll head to the gum board. The gum board consists of a plexiglass sheet with a hanging system. Behind the plexiglass, there’s an image that is enticing for sticking chewing gum. This way, all gum is collected on it and not, for instance, under tables or chairs.

Beste idee_Materialenkaart

Material card

A card displaying all cleaning materials along with their names. This card can be hung in a common area or on the work cart so that all colleagues can refer to it at any time, especially for those whose first language is not Dutch.

Beste idee_Microvezeldoek met verschillende voor en achterkant

Microfiber cloth with different front and back

A clear difference between the front and back sides, allowing you to clean the sink and roll holders with one side and the ‘dirtier’ parts of the sanitary facilities, such as the toilet seat or urinal, with the other side.

Beste idee_Training voor duurzaam schoonmaakbedrijf

Sustainable cleaning company training

Ensure that all your employees are trained in sustainable cleaning and are aware of the environmental impact of their work with this training.