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Mijn CSU voor medewerkers

Jip is our app especially for CSU employees. With Jip you have everything you need for your work in one place.

What information can you find in Jip?

  • On MijnCSU/MyCSU, you can check your details such as your name, address and place of residence.
  • You also have access to your work schedule, pay slips and annual statements in MijnCSU/MyCSU via Jip. And you will see an overview of the days on which you receive your salary.
  • You will find employee benefits, especially for you. Via ‘Fris in je werk’.
  • Via the tile ‘Working safe’ you will find work instructions, what to do in emergency situations or incidents and information about undesirable behaviour.
  • We also give you the opportunity to develop yourself and continue to grow. Get the best out of yourself and follow free online training courses. For example about cleaning tips and hospitality. Via Jip you can easily go to all training courses via the tile ‘MijnCSU/MyCSU’ and then to ‘Training and development’ at ‘Fris in je Werk’.
  • You can read all important and useful information for your work in the introductory reader. You can find the introductory reader in Jip behind the tile ‘Useful documents’.
  • And more!

Do you have any questions?
Then contact your supervisor or regional office.