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Corona Virus

Via this page we inform you about the corona virus and what you should do. To do so, we ensure that we are constantly informed of the latest information and how we can respond to possible situations in the Netherlands. The health of our employees is priority NR 1. We understand your concerns and feel responsible to inform you properly and to ensure a safe workplace. We follow all regulations from the government, GGD and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). We instruct you on the basis of their guidelines. We put you and our customers first.

Answer to your questions

We have already put the most important questions and answers on paper. You can find this below under the link "Q and A (question and answer)". It is possible that your question is not listed. In that case, send an e-mail to and we will ensure that you receive a quick answer to your question.

Follow the news yourself and view general information via:

RIVM - Corona virus general information
Questions and answers RIVM about corona virus
- Also watch this video (in Dutch): How dangerous is the corona virus?

The government has a special telephone number for questions: 0800-1351.

CSU guidelines for your own work situation can be found in these Q and A (question and answer). 

We will continue to follow the guidelines from our Cabinet, the RIVM and the GGD. Keep a close eye on the media and the RIVM website.

Guidelines for The Netherlands

The time has come, after almost 4 months of strict rules and restrictions, the period of relaxation begins. As of July 1, we are going from an intelligent lockdown to a room with rules. Read here the new rules as of 1 July 2020.

Major events such as professional football remain prohibited until 1 September.


Cleaning is also a crucial profession

The list of crucial occupational groups was updated by the government on 15 March. Cleaning is also a crucial profession, as OSB previously confirmed in this post on their website. 

The government has therefore designated all cleaners working in environments on the list of vital sectors as a crucial occupational group. The list itself is not modified, but the explanation to the list that indicates this. The OSB confirmed this position on 17 March (see this declaration in Dutch).


You should only stay at home;
• In case of a cold, runny nose, sore throat, sneezing
• Also with coughing, tightness, increase / fever or with sudden loss of smell and / or taste (without nasal congestion).

Most questions about the situation in the Netherlands have been answered at:  


What can you do yourself?

For yourself, but also for your environment, the following applies: ensure good hygiene!

Again the most important hygiene measures below

We advise everyone to always take the most important measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus. These measures apply to everyone. These have also been prepared by the RIVM and apply to all viruses that can cause flu and a cold. It is therefore always important to follow this up. This concerns the following:

- Wash your hands regularly and dry them with paper towels (see also the CSU hygiene procedure).
- Cough and sneeze in the inside of the elbow.
- Use paper tissues.
- Do not shake hands.

How should we greet each other at CSU?

Our current policy is to 'greet without touching'. This means avoiding shaking hands and avoiding other direct contact between people, which significantly reduces the risk of transmission via hand contact.

Still questions?

If you have any questions, ask them via