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We asked you for ideas to make the cleaning profession better, more fun or easier for you and your colleagues. We received more than 100 ideas for our innovation competition “CSU's best cleaning idea”. But who has the best idea that really makes your job better, more fun or easier? A special Innovation Working Group examined all the ideas that were submitted, and they made a selection by awarding points to each idea. You can find the eight ideas that were selected and that will compete for the title of “The best cleaning idea of 2019” below.

UPDATE: We have a winner of the best cleaning idea 2019: Instruction videos for activities. (article in Dutch)

Top 8 Best Ideas CSU

Brigitte Robben

1. Reusing disposable latex gloves
Separated collection of our used disposable latex gloves, which would then be recycled into new products using a special chemical process. In this way, we can contribute to reducing waste and CO2 emissions.

Marjolein Wielens/Carla Sofia Sousa Carinhas

2. Elastic bands around waste bags
The idea is to use an elastic band as used by postal workers (possibly with CSU logo) around the bag in waste bins. This prevents the bag from falling into the bin, which in turn prevents waste being thrown on top of it. This reduces the workload for the employee and is neater.

Ton Burggraaf

3. Instruction videos for activities
(Vlog) videos could be made for all activities carried out at CSU to clearly show how to work systematically or to deal with a specific problem. These videos may include cleaning an entire hotel room, a holiday home or a train carriage, or more specific tasks such as making a bed or dealing with visitors or guests.

Nabila Aadmi

4. Time management system for Leisure
The staff at Leisure (with various tasks) would be given an electronic key fob for access to the holiday home. These would have a specific colour, for example red for the cleaner, blue for the bed maker and green for the building manager. This would allow the building manager, using a colour scheme on a tablet, to see clearly what work has been done and where everyone is. This would improve communication within the team and with the customer/resort.

Anita Ramakers

5. Work trolleys decorated by children
The work trolleys currently in use could be made more appealing and unique. The idea is to allow children in schools and hospitals to decorate the work trolleys by making (for example) a drawing and having it printed on the work trolley.

Mireille Haex

6. Flask or drinking bottle on work trolleys and bikes
It is important that everyone drinks enough water, especially at work. To make this possible, a flask or drinking bottle (holder) could be fitted to the work trolleys and bikes.

Alie Schilder

7. Universal handle
The idea is to develop a single handle that can be clicked onto all sweeping, mopping and dusting tools. This would allow less materials to be carried on the work trolley, and would ensure the right handle is always available.

Ria Louwerens

8. Eye-catching vacuum cleaner cords
Most vacuum cleaners have black cords, which are not easily seen. This means people can easily trip over them if they don't notice them. The proposal is to replace (or modify) the black cord with an eye-catching coloured cord that is more easily seen, particularly in buildings where there are many older people.

The voting is closed. The 3 nominees are known!

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